Guitars That Look as Good as They Sound!

PolyRock Custom Guitars designs and builds with the highest quality materials, components, and finishes to create instruments that not only sound great but look as good as they sound. We can also refinish and upgrade your existing guitar with one of our stunning PolyRock Multi-Color finishes to transform what you already play.

Whether you want an industry standard design or something custom, PolyRock can create an instrument that will set you apart from the crowd. PolyRock builds with your favorite component manufacturer’s electronics or we can recommend components to achieve your desired instrument play and sound.

Complete your PolyRock Custom Guitar with one of our proprietary Multi-Color finishes to create an instrument that will sing! Choose one of our standard finishes or create your own color blend. Finally, add one of our metallic choices to make your guitar come alive and dance in the light! 

Every PolyRock guitar is hand-made and finished for each customer. Your choices are virtually unlimited.


PolyRock’s Satisfaction Guarantee:

PolyRock Custom Guitars offers a full money back guarantee if for any reason we are not able to provide everything that is outlined in our design and build quotation.

PolyRock Custom Guitars



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