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Want a PolyRock Custom Guitar that is uniquely you? Let us build you a guitar to your exact specs and personalized style and color. Every aspect of a PolyRock Custom Guitar will be designed around your personal choices, so whether you want a contemporary guitar design, or something completely original, we can create something special to set you apart from the crowd.

PolyRock Custom Guitars uses industry standard parts and components to assemble your custom guitar. You can specify the exact parts and components for your build, or PolyRock can make recommendations for your components based on your playing style and desired finished guitar.

Get Started On Your Custom Design and Build

Here are a few things you’ll need to consider before building your new PolyRock Custom Guitar. Contact us to discuss everything in detail and to receive a quote.

Body Type

Pick a body design that fits your playing style
  • TType
  • JazzMType
  • PRSType
  • LesPType
  • Custom Cut
  • Hardtail
  • Trem
  • Wood used for body

Neck Design

Pick a neck design that works best for you
  • SType
  • TType
  • JazzMType
  • PRSType
  • LesPType  
  • Headstock design
  • Nut type
  • Wood used for neck
  • Fretboard wood
  • Fretboard taper
  • Fret metal type & size


Pick hardware that fits your playing style
  • Pickup brand & set
  • Bridge design
  • Switch layout
  • Tuners
  • Pickguard selection

Hardware Finish

Pick hardware finish that suits your taste
  • Chrome
  • Brass
  • Black

PolyRock’s Satisfaction Guarantee:

PolyRock Custom Guitars offers a full money back guarantee if for any reason we are not able to provide everything that is outlined in our design and build quotation.

PolyRock Custom Guitars



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