PolyRock Custom Finishes

PolyRock offers 70 standard PolyRock Multi-Color Chip finishes. Each of these finishes can be modified in a variety of ways to include:
  • Chip size / single or blended sizes
  • Add or subtract colors to any blend
  • Add light reflecting metallics in any amount to suit your tastes
  • Create your own completely unique and proprietary color blend

PolyRock uses industrial-strength resins to create an extremely durable finish that will hold up under the most extreme playing environments. Every PolyRock finish includes our Electronic Resistant Interior (ERI) coating that lines the hardware cut-out areas of each instrument. Our ERI coating prevents the instrument’s electronics from causing unwanted buzz or hum created by today’s hotter electronics.  

Finally, each PolyRock Multi-Color finish is modified with light-reflecting metallics that reflect multi-colored lights from the surrounding room.

PolyRock’s Satisfaction Guarantee:

PolyRock Custom Guitars offers a full money back guarantee if for any reason we are not able to provide everything that is outlined in our design and build quotation.

PolyRock Custom Guitars



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